With a flurry of invitations arriving in our inbox for the festive season, we’ve been discussing which factors  make us attend an event and have whittled down the top tips for improving attendance. So, if attendance isn’t compulsory and you’re looking to attract a high quality audience, what will incentivise guests to clear their diaries and prioritise your event? Follow these five ways to ensure your event is brimming with your target audience:

  1. Location – the venue must be easy to get to, central to where your guests are based and very close to a tube or train station – convenience is key! Furthermore, hosting an event at your offices in most cases doesn’t cut it, the location should be sought after and show you’re out to impress.
  2. Invitations – whilst email is the most common form of communication, if you want your event to stand out, then paper invitations are a vital ingredient to making your event ‘must attend’. The more effort and planning you put into your invitations, the more exclusive the event will appear, ensure your guests know that spaces are limited and give a deadline for RSVP.
  3. Exclusivity – if your guests feel like everyone is invited, you can guarantee that when the day comes, their workload, gym visit or night with the family will be ranked above attending your event, make sure that your guests know that they have been specially selected, that they will be treated very well, and that there is fantastic content / entertainment / gift bags up for grabs.
  4. Intrigue – a theme or a hook to the event is a must, guests will always ask ‘why should I attend?’, so make sure there is sufficient excitement created in the lead up for them to clear their diaries and get them talking about your event well in advance. Good examples include a well known speaker, entertainment act, a top chef or an immersive theme.
  5. Telephone – this piece of equipment is vital in securing your target guests. Following up on your invitations is important, make sure your key guests are called and asked if they would like to attend the event before it fills up, this makes them feel a priority and also that you care about them, a postal invitation or email is not enough without a personal touch to accompany it.

Finally, how you conduct your events says a lot about you as a brand, if you promise Champagne and canapés and then give guests Prosecco, they will notice. If you’re going to do an event, do it well or not at all, you’re better to host them less frequently and spend more on creating a legacy so that when you’re next event arrives, guests are queuing up to get on the guest list!

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Invitation image courtesy of Cutture.