The Art of POSzle Launch


IceTank Studios, London

The Brief

A technology launch event to showcase a new payment systems innovation through an interactive art installation, to transform the perception of payment transactions and enable guests to engage with the product in a playful way.


Guests walked along the red carpet to a sparkling cocktail reception. The venue was transformed from a crisp white backdrop into a visual art installation. Each touch point of the event related back to the brand, including interactive art, themed cocktails, canapés, Insta-printer, lively DJ and saxophonist.

Look & Feel

Simple, clean and edgy. A minimalistic look with decals, bold shapes and a 3D art gallery installation.

The Wow-Factor

A live artist was commissioned to capture the event which was fascinating to watch as it evolved throughout the evening. A giant canvas was filled, culminating in eye-catching content to share with guests post-event.

The Little Things

The ‘Bluetooth’ cocktail linking directly to the technology, featured a full size set of edible white chocolate teeth, floating in a delicious clear blue punch!