“13th Hour – The Order of Never Hide”


Shoreditch Town Hall, East London


In 2014, Ray-Ban launched “The Order of Never Hide” a “not-so-secret society” where Ray-Ban fans around the world competed for “membership” by completing a series of online challenges.

The Brief

To create a fully immersive event for 500 guests including VIPs, celebrities, and competition winners who were initiated into the fictional society.


Breathing life into The Order required the audience to take a leap from reality into fantasy. A 360-degree sensory experience that blurs the lines of fact and fiction. In addition to throwing a full on mini-music festival, we put together a team of actors, choreographers, set designers, carpenters, caterers, mixologists, lighting and sound designers trained in “immersive” theatre to transform historic Shoreditch Town Hall into the world of The Order, a fully immersive experience combining theatre, cinema, music, food, drink and dance.

Look & Feel

A cast of 30 actors including a librarian, a minotaur, a chef, a time-traveller, all members of the Order, guided guests through a series of elaborately designed spaces and hands-on experiences. We curated a custom menu of experiential eats, secret snacks, thematic cocktails, and local microbrews. A world class lineup delivered intimate performances on two stages.

The Wow-Factor

Whilst ordering drinks, guests got a roll of the dice for the chance of an extra surprise when rolling a six. Furthermore, the ‘smooth as velvet’ cocktail was served in a vase with a red rose for them to woo another guest.

The Little Things

Food popped out of the wall by gloved hands to surprise guests as they walked throughout the basement maze.