Floral arrangements bring events to life, whether custom arrangements to reflect the brand, or traditional arrangements, they bring a delicate, scented elegance which creates a strong visual impact. We’re always looking at ways to incorporate elements into our events in new ways, here are our top floral trends for 2016:

  • Neutrals – moss, bark, greenery and pastel shades work well with a blank canvas venue space and gives an understated, yet elegant look
  • Fruity florals are bang on at the moment, layering flowers with exotic vibrant fruits such as pineapples, lemons and limes
  • Hanging arrangements – draping florals from above can add opulence and glamour to an event
  • Floral hints – looking to save budget on lavish floral arrangements? Use props or balloons with hints of fresh flowers to make them come alive
  • Themed arrangements –With a themed concept or when launching a new product, shaped florals can bring the message to life by reflecting the brand and becoming a talking point. Not just a pretty vase.

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