Themed events are our life blood at Diamond Creative and we love nothing more than planning each little detail which puts a smile our guests faces. Whilst very event is different, we have found a formula for delivering spectacular themed events are here are the top things to consider:

1 Arrival – upon entering the experience, guests should be wowed from the moment they arrive. Ensure the entry to the venue, cloakroom and registration area are not overlooked and that there are hosts or themed actors to welcome guests and give them a great first impression.

2. Layering– custom sets and large props should be layered and interspersed with intricate dressing items to tie everything together and tell the story in a thought provoking way. Did you know that on average we use 40 suppliers to achieve the desired look and you can often find our team scouring the internet and vintage shops to find bespoke themed and dressing items?

3. Lighting – lighting is the most important element to a themed event, it not only helps to create the right ambience, but highlights key focus areas, and props. Light projections themselves can create huge impact with minimal budget.

4. Height – contrast in height is an important element to create a striking visual arrangement, particularly where table settings or feature arrangements are concerned, so small plinths and display items are equally important as the themed items themselves.

5. Size Matters – you need a mix of large striking items to create the wow factor combined with small cleverly designed items, which the guests will remember and  treasure.

6. Personal Touches – guests love nothing more than personalised touches; think catering garnishes,  bathroom toiletries to freshen up with and goody bags.

7. Entertainment – regular entertainment to enhance the theme is an essential element to keep guests engaged and delighted throughout. A combination of staged acts, walkabouts, actors and vocal entertainment will bring the themed party to life.

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