Adding immersive elements to your event heightens guest enjoyment and memorability of your brand message. For us, immersive means allowing people to connect with their senses and their playful side. The look, smell, touch and feel of our events are all incredibly important, creating an experience that is extraordinary, curious and fun. Here are our top tips for simple ways to include immersive theatre.

5 ways to incorporate immersive touches into your event

  1. Invitations – this first interaction should be memorable; from scented invitations, laser cut charms, to pop-up invites, make it one to remember
  2. Actors – are the best way to get guests into the spirit of the event and engrossed in your message
  3. Surprise – don’t give everything away, ensure there is a revelation or two throughout the experience
  4. Catering – themed or molecular gastronomy provide a unique experience, from fire breathing meringues to alcoholic bubbles
  5. Evolving itineraries – something new and sensory should unfold every hour, whether an entertainment burst, big reveal or activity

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